10 Essential WordPress Plugins and How to Install Them

Plugins are essential to leveraging the power of WordPress. From integrating social media icons to building an ecommerce site, plugins give you the flexibility to design your blog just the way you want to. Learn how to install plugins and review a list of 10 basic WordPress plugins all bloggers should consider.

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WordPress vs Blogger? Why WordPress Wins This Battle Blindfolded

If you want to blog like a pro, then you have to use the blog publishing platform the pros use. Learn why millions of websites run on WordPress and how it gives you the best opportunity to be a successful blogger.

WordPress 101 Training Videos That Rock!

The WordPress tutorial videos make learning WordPress a breeze. The videos are HD-quality and will teach you how touse WordPress to manage your own blog or website. Learn more about the video series

What is Web Hosting and Why Does My Blog Need It?

Every website and blog needs hosting in order to be accessed and seen by people. Their are several different options for hosting including third party hosting and self hosting. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the most common Web hosting options.

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